Stampin' Up Starter Kit Promo

You guys!!! You have to check out this Stampin’ Up promo! For the month of September, Stampin’ Up is running a starter kit promo that is SUCH a great value. Here’s the deal….

The promo works like this….for $99 you get to choose $125 worth of product and FREE SHIPPING on anything you choose from either the mini holiday catalog or the full annual 2020-21 catalog. In will get two more FREE stamp sets, a pack of rhinestones and 16 card kits to make on your own.

So you’re not interested in becoming a Stampin’ Up demonstrator and you don’t want to sell? No worries! There is NO commitment to sell or build a team. You can sign up for this amazing deal, get a discount on all your products and then drop out if you choose. BUT…if you’re like me, you will quickly see the value in this program and get the 20% off on all your orders.

You don’t have to sell. You don’t have to have parties. You simply get to take advantage of this great discount on all your orders. If you decide you don’t want to be a discount shopper anymore, then simply stop ordering products and you’ll get dropped out after three months – no penalty, no commitment.

So…head on over to my site and click on this link to JOIN the fun and start shopping!

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