Maple Leafs

Fall is in the air…


How the time flies

I can’t believe my oldest nephew is graduating high school.   I thought and thought and thought (for weeks even!) about the graduation card I wanted to make for him.  (again, my struggle with creativity)  I finally settled on a very simple design with a heartfelt message.  The inside sentiment I chose came from Pinterest and I openly admit to plagiarizing, but to be quite honest, I’m not sure who to acknowledge for the quote, so I hope that is ok!  I love this quote!  I hope he does too.  Keegan, honey – if you see this, please know that I’m sending you much love across the miles.

grad card
grad card inside sentiment

Sunflower Wishes

I struggle with creativity…most people who know me would be shocked to hear me say that, but truly  I do.  I hold myself to a high standard of creativity that it can sometimes be a detriment.  I like my cards to be unique.  I don’t like repetition – as in creating mass quantities of the same thing such as a box of note cards.  I like each of my cards or panels to be one of a kind…and meaningful for it’s intended purpose – such as this card I created for my Aunt.  My dear sweet Aunt is a very faith driven individual and I wanted to send her a card that she could identify with and that fully encapsulated my thoughts and prayers going out to her.  I found a block stamp with the Lord’s Prayer that I used for the background and embossed it with rich cocoa colored ink and clear embossing powder.  Then, because my aunt loves sunflowers, I went on the hunt for one and found a really nice digital stamp from PowerPoppy.  After coloring this stamp and some serious fussy cutting, I set this on top of the background panel with foam tape to add dimension.  The Blessing flag was purchased from Ben Franklin Crafts.  For the inside sentiment, I just typed this up in a Word doc, and printed it out for the inside of the card.  I hope she loves it as much as I loved making it for her.

FullSizeRender (002)faith sentiment





Marker Storage

My marker collection was getting a bit out of hand and I went on the hunt for an affordable solution that also fit my very small work space.  I found these racks that worked beautifully!  Its so very nice to be able to see all my colors and to sort them properly.  What I found online is made by the Crafters Companion and I found them on Amazon for about $26.  I had to buy four of these because I wanted room to spread out and sort the colors (and much to my husband’s chagrin, to be able to add more).  They are plastic but pretty sturdy and they come in a pale blue clear color or in black.  Each box holds 72 markers.  They are the perfect depth for copic markers and I also used a couple of sections to put my Tombow Water Color markers in as well which are taller and stick out a bit further than what is ideal, but it works.  You can also double up the Tombow markers – 2 to a slot because they have a much thinner barrel than the copics.

I want to point out that these do not come with any mounting hardware and I believe there were designed to sit on a shelf or tabletop.  Because I have limited space I wanted them mounted to the wall, so darling hubby got out the drill and a couple of screws and we were able to screw them into the wall without shattering or splintering the plastic.  Worked like a charm!

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Happy Coloring!