Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Hey there, fellow card enthusiasts! Today, I’m thrilled to share a recent creation that holds a special place in my heart—a 5 x 7 birthday card crafted with love for my dad. I can’t wait to take you through the journey of designing this beauty using the enchanting Notes of Nature bundle and the delightful Lovely & Sweet Bundle.

To set the stage, I delved into the world of coordination, bringing together the exquisite Natures Sweetness Designer Series Paper, Faux Leather Trim, and Adhesive-backed sparkle gems. It’s incredible how Stampin’ Up makes these elements seamlessly complement each other, adding layers of sophistication to the overall design.

Another star of the show, however, is the square rectangle with the border dots, courtesy of the Everyday Details die set. This intricate detail brings a touch of elegance and frames the card beautifully, elevating it to a whole new level.

Now, let’s talk about colors! I opted for a Pebbled Path gray as the base, creating a subtle and sophisticated backdrop. To infuse warmth and a touch of masculinity, I embraced the rich Pecan Pie shades. The result? A harmonious blend that strikes the perfect balance between refined and rugged.

To add a lovely touch of color, I reached for my trusty stampin blends markers in Granny Apple Green, Pecan Pie, and So Saffron. These vibrant hues breathed life into the foliage, creating a stunning visual contrast against the neutral tones.

Now, here’s the real dilemma I faced: Would this card be too feminine for my dad? It’s a valid concern, especially when navigating the delicate balance between elegance and masculinity. But, lo and behold, the Pebbled Path gray combined with the Pecan Pie colors proved to be a winning combination. The card exudes a timeless charm that transcends gender stereotypes, making it a versatile and heartfelt choice for any birthday celebration.

So, what do YOU think? Is this card too feminine for a guy? I believe it strikes the perfect chord, blending nature-inspired beauty with a touch of rugged sophistication. After all, a well-crafted card is a universal language of love, and I hope this creation inspires you to embark on your own card-making adventures.

Here’s a full list of products I used for this card. I hope you love this and want to try out one or both of these bundles. If you don’t have a demonstrator already, I’d love for you to shop with me! Happy crafting, and may your cards always bring joy to those who receive them!