Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Dear friends – 

I hope this message finds you well and surrounded by creativity! I wanted to take a moment to share with you a little bit about where I’ve been and why I’ve been absent from our wonderful card making community for the past few months.

In October 2023 I embarked on an exciting journey that has kept me busy and filled with joy. I purchased a charming lake house right next door to my parents’ home in Michigan. The proximity to family has been a blessing, and I’ve cherished the time spent with everyone especially over the recent holidays.

For the last six weeks, I’ve had the privilege of living in this tiny, enchanting cabin with a breathtaking view of the lake. However, this cozy haven is quite old, and I realize now that it was never intended to be a four-season cabin.  Old man winter gave me a run for my money this year and threw a doozy of a wintery mix at me including 2 feet of snow, freezing rain and subzero temperatures.  My pipes froze, my propane heater could not keep up in the bitter cold, I lost power twice and to top it all off I got sick with a terrible chest cold. 

 This definitely made me think about how I would need to remodel and update to create a home that could handle the crazy Michigan winter and offer creature comforts that I would need.  I looked at remodeling the existing structure – new windows, better heat source and new floors. However, the structure itself is not very sound anymore and the foundation is cracked and failing. So, after careful consideration, I’ve decided to rebuild this lake house from the ground up and create a new home that will be both beautiful and functional and maybe even become my forever home down the road.

I got busy right away and hired a designer for my new home and now I’m working closely with a builder and making plans for the construction, which is set to begin (hopefully) in April of this year. The anticipation is truly exciting, and I can’t wait to see the transformation unfold. Throughout this process, I plan to document the journey, capturing the progress and sharing pictures of the new construction with you all.

Now, I know you’re probably wondering about the impact on my beloved Stampin’Up business and the frequency of new cards and videos. Rest assured, my passion for crafting remains strong, and I am committed to continuing my creative endeavors. However, I acknowledge that it will be a challenge during the construction period.  I am so excited for the new loft I have designed to be my office/craft studio where I have a wall of windows that will look out over the beautiful lake as I work and craft from my new home.

I plan to stay with my parents next door during the build, which means I won’t have immediate access to my card supplies or recording equipment. Despite this, I am determined to stay connected with you, my amazing community. I’ll be checking in regularly and posting updates as much as possible, sharing glimpses of the construction progress, and keeping the creative flame alive.

I would love to hear from you during this time! Feel free to ask any questions, share your thoughts, or offer suggestions for house designs, or card-making ideas that I can explore even in this transitional phase. Your support means the world to me, and I can’t wait to share this exciting journey with all of you.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to continuing our creative journey together!

Warmest regards,